Ok, so “after-party” might make you think of rock stars and crazy nights out. But in the corporate world, holding a hospitality event can be a successful way of topping off a productive meeting or show. It serves a couple of purposes, to reward your guests after a long day, or to create loyalty and salience for your brand amongst clients.

Like any event, after-party success depends on having the right location, food, entertainment and experiences. Ultimately, you’re providing an environment to relax and hold informal conversations. Paje was recently involved in an after-event party for client Venues of Excellence, and so we have compiled our top tips for making it a great success.

Theme it…

We’re big believers in making any event feel unique and engaging. Whether the theme is linked to the original event or meeting or has it’s own objective, using a theme can help to break the ice amongst guests that don’t know each other and can also highlight key messages you’re trying push. Setting a theme is also a way of getting the creative juices flowing for your food and entertainment and experiences during the party.

Find a unique and memorable venue

First up, try to avoid holding your after-event party in the same meeting or conference room. What you’re looking for is a wow factor to act as a ‘nightcap’ for your meeting and create a feeling of reward and celebration. Think about amazing scenery or inspiring sporting venues. We’ve used theme parks, rooftop bars, racetrack marquees and seaside retreats to hit the spot.

If you do need to use the same room you’ve been in most of the day, then consider how decorations, lighting, zoning and furniture changes might help to create differentiation.

Obviously, all of the above should be considered with your audience in mind. You want to ensure that travel and transport are straightforward and that the location will feel special for your guests. It’s not uncommon for these events to have guests arriving and departing throughout the evening and so flexibility may be the main objective. Keep the spaces casual and free-flowing to encourage networking.

Entertainment to delight

After a long day of meetings or presentations, you want to create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. Again, tailor your entertainment to your audience. We have seen some great results from Virtual Reality experiences and live shows. However, for a classier feel, a jazz band or string quartet might suit your audience better. If you want something livelier then consider Karaoke or live comedy.

You’re aiming to surprise and delight, so keep it simple and fun!

If you’d like to know more about how Paje Consultancy helps venues to drive sales and maximise guest experience, then get in touch today.