Did you know that 75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills?

(The Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation)

Soft skills such as communication, people skills, social attitudes, emotional intelligence, self motivation and leadership are important in every job, however in hospitality they are the foundation of business success.  Given that now the top two challenges in people development in the next three months are;

  1. Helping managers lead through change
  2. Keeping employees motivated and productive

Now is the time to focus on soft skills training to enhance your leadership, sales and performance.

However, our hospitality businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and are no doubt wedged into a financial straight jacket but now is not the time to say no to training but to embrace a new age of Learning and Development.

Although we may have stepped unwillingly into the world of ‘Zoom’ and ‘Teams’ it has come as a pleasant surprise to most how easily they have adapted to online or virtual meetings.  Many are embracing the benefits – over and above getting to choose your own biscuits –  a more efficient use of time and no travel.

So it’s a great time to further bed the use of technology into your business and give your team the support, skills and tools to do a great job.  There is a plethora of courses to choose from, they are easy to access, lower cost than face to face training, no additional travel costs, a lot less time away from the office, and ideal training environments can be created in a small meeting room or quiet office.

Soft skills training is very successful and effective when delivered through a live virtual training session which is led by an professional trainer, expert in their field.  The technology supports the use of shared screen and presentations, wipe boards for group activities, breakout groups for discussions, videos and Q&A sessions.  In short there is nothing you can do in classroom that can’t be replicated in a virtual world.

Added to this you can use the time & money saved by not travelling to sign up for optional 121 coaching follow-up by phone or virtual meeting and you are getting even better value for money and return on investment.  Who doesn’t want any new learning to be followed up and bedded in?

With live virtual training you can integrate learning into your team’s workplace, making it more relevant to their day to day activities, even hosting bespoke training events exclusively for your team led by an industry expert.

In truth, what’s not to love about live virtual training?

Paje Learning and Development offers open courses, exclusive courses and bespoke training to the hotel and conference venue sector.  To find out more visit https://www.paje-uk.com/learning-and-development/