FLOURISH: Rejuvenate your Mind and Body

Eight fortnightly zoom sessions – 11th July to 20th October

Do you know only 20% of Brits are flourishing! This data comes from the 2013 European Social Survey, which measured rates of flourishing over 23 european countries with a representative sample of 43,000 Europeans.

I wonder what the data would reveal after this last year?

What is Flourishing?

Flourishing is a measurement of well-being coined by renowned psychologist, former president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Martin Seligman.

Are you Flourishing?

Are there parts of your life, like a room in your house which if you opened the door and turned the light on would reveal a chaotic environment?
“Come Join me in this group coaching journey of FLOURISHING. Think of me like your personal Marie Kondo for your human house; your mind, body and spirit.”What will we be doing during the group coaching?
We will meet twice a month on Zoom exploring a different room and area of your home each month:

  • Kitchen (Energy Management and Nutrition)
  • Bedroom (Sleep Hygiene and Rest)
  • Bathroom (Self Care, Cleaning off Mental and Emotional Mess)
  • Dining Room (Social and Emotional Intelligence, Connection with others)
  • Playroom (Fun, Creativity, Playfulness)
  • Office/Study (Purpose, Our Why in Life)
  • Front Door (Boundaries and Work/Life Balance)
  • Nook (Practicing Solitude and Mindfulness)
  • Stairs and Hallways (Daily Movement and Fitness).
  • Pictures on the walls (Values)

First we start in the Garden. Reminding us of the foundations of FLOURISHING that we lay our home.

Awareness + Knowledge + Action = Flourishing

Each session we will cover 3 main ideas:
Awareness: Recognising current patterns and habits. Practicing a time of mindfulness as a group.

Knowledge: Learning the latest research and tools from leading psychologists and other behavioural scientists related to the topic of the month.

Action: Each session you will be empowered to put that theory into practice, considering obstacles that might get in the way of your personal commitments, and making a plan of action to clean up your human house and make it your home

Your Coach

Kirsty Fuller is a Human Potential coach.  “I aim to cultivate a safe space to delve into important topics such as this, using my coaching skills to encourage self discovery.”

  • Human Potential Institute ACSTH Coach training program
  • Certificate in Counselling (Quality Checked by NCS) and TA 101 Online – The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis
  • MSc Paediatric Exercise and Health (Distinction)
  • BSc (Hons) Exercise, Health and Nutrition (1st Class)


£88 for the 8 sessions

Sessions will be recorded so you can catch up on any missed weeks.


Huppert, F and So, T. (2013). Flourishing Across Europe: Application of a New Conceptual
Framework for Defining Well-Being. Social Indicators Research, 110:837–861

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25 Jul 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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