Can being more confident be as easy as A, B, C?


The first step C – Connect with yourself. One of the main qualities of a confident person is their understanding of who they are and what they stand for. What are your values, who do you want to be?  For help in defining your values and connecting with the real you take a look here.

The second step B – Belief in yourself. Stop holding yourself back and listening to all the voices in your head, the negative self talk such as you’re not good enough, you’re not brave enough, who will want to listen to you, you’ll never make it in this role, how could someone like you achieve all of this? It takes some real tools and techniques to overcome this negative talk and change it for positive beliefs but this is the biggest step towards feeling more confident.  For more information on how to overcome negative self talk take a look here.

The third step A – take Action. Waiting to feel confident before you do something will have you waiting forever. Confidence doesn’t come from sitting there thinking about it, it comes after you have taken action. It comes from looking back and saying ‘Wow I did it, look at me, I can do it!’  You can find out more about how action boosts confidence here.