Conference Sales Office Tools and Resources

Paje Learning & Development resources for you to use in your business

Competitor Research

There are lots of organisations in the hospitality industry, trying to get the same business. They have good sales people, conference rooms, bedrooms, food and service. It's essential you know which ones are your competitors and how you stack up against them.

SWOT Analysis

A tool used to examine your business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in relation to competitors, business objective or in project planning. Understanding these aspects helps in planning, decision making and developing strategies.

Market Positioning

A tool used to examine where your business sits within it's marketplace and see how it is positioned in relation to it's competitors. This process can help clarify your market positioning strategy and your opportunities to differentiate.

Standout Showrounds

Your customer has given you a valuable opportunity to demonstrate why they should place their business and their trust in you. Read our five top tips of what to plan, organise and consider to ensure a standout showround for your customers.