Our Training Partners

What makes the Paje Learning and Development Academy exceptional is the quality and calibre of our specialist trainers, who bring expertise across operational and commercial disciplines for the hotel and venue sector.  

Curve Sales Solutions

Sales training that meets the unique requirements of the hospitality industry
Enhance your sales people's skills, increase conversion rates, elevate the customer experience, drive repeat business, and ultimately boost top line sales through our meticulously developed sales training.

Adrianne Carter - The Face Whisperer

Body Language expert; optimising teams for sales and customer service
Skilled in interpreting guest behaviour, enhancing customer service, and training staff in non-verbal communication cues to improve guest experience and satisfaction.

Social Progress

Social Media Content Creation, Engagement, Marketing and Lead Generation
A recognised Social Media Trainer with over 12 years experience of social media marketing. One of only a handful of exclusively selected social media trainers to work with Meta as a Facebook Lead Trainer and on their #SheMeansBusiness programme.


Award-winning training and activity design provider
Working with global and national brands to provide impactful bespoke and off-the-shelf training services. Delivering workshops and courses that entertain, motivate, and embed real skills and learning at all levels of a business to help drive up organisational strengths, upskill team members, and maintain high standards.

Jim Cockell

Pricing and Revenue Management Specialist
Over 15 years working with Revenue Management, Pricing and Technology within the hospitality and travel industries. Including Principal Hayley, IHG, DeVere & National Express Group.


We provide industry leading training courses and bespoke courses in many disciplines of hotel and venue management

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