Busy times at PAJE CONSULTANCY LTD HQ, but I managed to grab some time to put together my top marketing tips

My top 5 Marketing tips:

1. Know what you want to be famous for.
It’s easy to say yes to all the work proposals that come in, but do they make commercial sense? As a result you end up with a portfolio that’s so varied that no one can easily see what you excel or specialise in. What makes you different from the competition? Make it easy for your prospects to identify your expertise and how you can help them.

2. Be consistent.
It’s vital that the way your brand is presented consistently across all your marketing assets. And is fresh. If your brand is dated or looks different across different mediums your work and business can appear inconsistent.

3. Have a clear business model.
Are you ‘Easy to do business’ with? If your processes are too complex people will either not use you or won’t return a second time … be clear how you want people to make a purchase and how people expect to make a purchase.

4. Have you considered the customer?
When did you last review what you sell and asked customers what they want to buy? Keeping up with market expectation and new trends will help you attract customers and retain them.

5. Know your competition – but don’t be obsessed.
You react so much to what the competition is doing that you never do anything long enough to demonstrate excellence. Don’t operate your business on knee-jerk reactions that can have an impact on your bottom line.
If you’ve done your homework and have a robust and strategic business plan, it should work – you shouldn’t constantly reacting to the market. Believe in your business, so others will have the confidence in you to stay the course.

Do any of these resound with you and your business?