Need a fresh pair of eyes?

Paje Sales & Conference Healthcheck provides a full review of your conference office sales, supporting your team to be the best they can be and achieve great results.

Paje will give your business the opportunity to have an outside view from an industry expert, giving honest and open feedback that will help you reach your maximum potential.  It will refresh and revitalise your sales approach to achieve results in our new challenging business environment.  We will look at your sales, marketing and conference business from every angle, check out your competitors, understand your goals and targets to make practical and long term solutions.  Paje review your processes, structure, training and development requirement to put in place a mutually agreed action plan for success.

Our initial discussions will cover the following areas and this will form part of your overall strategy and plan of action;

1. THE MARKETPLACE – How aware are you of the marketplace?

2. COMPETITION – How do you rank versus the competition?

3. VISION & AIMS – What are you business aims and objectives?

4. STRATEGY – Do you have a clear sales strategy?

5. STRUCTURE & TEAM – Do your team have clear roles & responsibilities?

6. ENQUIRY HANDLING EXCELLENCE – Do your team work to enquiry handling industry levels?

7. TEAM TARGETS & RECOGNITION – Is there a Reward & Recognition programme in place?

8. PROACTIVE SALES – Are your accounts all managed by the right team members to drive revenue?

9. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT – Are you investing in your front line sales and conference teams?

10. MARKETING INITIATIVES – Is your marketing collateral sharp and intelligent for business?

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Sales Tools

As part of the Paje Sales & Conference Healthcheck we can offer a range of sales tools that can help you and your team build your sales tool kit.

– Competitor Gap Analysis – We can provide templates for your sales team to complete or we can assist you in doing the in depth research that is so vital in understanding your competitors strengths and weaknesses. We will then interpret the data into meaningful information that the sales team can use as a valuable sales tool.

– Sales Analysis – Reporting tools, measurement and metrics.

– Customer/client profiling – analysing and segmenting clients to assist with account management and sales prioritisation.

– Other Sales Tools – sales journey, product and service differentiators, key selling points, feature/benefit statements.

– Sales Correspondence – e-letters, e-templates, sales contracts, sales terms and conditions.

Each business is different, the needs and requirements are also different, so if you don’t see what you want listed in our sales tools please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Case Study

Sales and Marketing Project for Silverstone Conference and Event Wing

Mandy Jennings completed a Conference and Event Sales Health check to review the opportunities and understand current activity, partnerships, and key activities in the Conference & Event market.

Mandy completed a 2-day Health check meeting all the team and then made recommendations on how Paje could support the Silverstone team. They implemented a sales activity plan linked to the overall marketing plan to specifically focus on the C&E market.

There was a 3-prong approach over 6 months

  1. Install an Interim Head of Sales at Silverstone for 3 days per week for 6 months to help recruit a new permanent Head of Sales, put in robust sales and enquiry processes, training and development for the current team and ensure they were the right people for the job required.
  2. Proactive Telesales to the Conference Agency Market by a team of Paje Consultancy highly skilled sales people and proactive sales calls to agencies – 2 /3 days per week and helping to convert large enquiries.
  3. Marketing approach agreed for the Conference and Events Market agreed by Paje – campaign to the market by Silverstone team and follow up calls made by Paje team, and supporting on C&E marketing activity plan, advising on costs and who to work with to get best advantage.

Objectives & Results

Drive revenue to ensure conference and event target was delivered

This was turned around and they achieved target by the end of the year with a good base of business for future year

Assist the current Silverstone C&E team in raising awareness and generate new revenue opportunities in the conference and events sector for Silverstone Circuit  – achieved with some great new relationships in place now delivering business and good business on the books for coming year

  • Full assessment of the team, and 80% of the team departed and replaced with new personnel with the right skills and expertise in C&E market
  • New Head of Sales recruited and now making great progress

Make recommendations where appropriate to increase sales in the conference market including e-campaigns, venue listings, links to industry bodies and opening doors to make introductions for the venue.

  • Awareness of the facility much higher and in the public eye far more for C&E market
  • Joined Venues of Excellence and actively join the exhibitions and events E.g. Hosted Delegate Wranglers event recently and great coverage