Does your stomach churn or do you shake in your stilettos as you stand in front of an expectant audience? Do you turn down opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise so your don’t have to face your demons?


Stage Fright or Presenter Panic is not only an extremely unpleasant experience for the presenter but also detracts from the enormous amount of time, effort and dedication you have put into preparing your subject matter.

Well, I am delighted to share a fabulous new book that I can highly recommend to solve all your fears….and how do I know this, well from personal experience of course!

“Everything You Need To Know To Be The Best Presenter & Public Speaker You Can Be” is written by a great presenter, entrepreneur and former colleague; Ian Taylor.

I had the pleasure of working with Ian Taylor for many years in a number of high quality hotel and hospitality groups including Marriott, De Vere and Venues of Excellence. There are so many special memories of this guy’s energy and enthusiasm I could share, but my one very special memory was my debut appearance as the new Sales Director at the De Vere Sales & Marketing Conference.

As I am sure we would all agree it can be very daunting to be on stage but even more so when it’s a room full of senior people with who you will be working in the future, plus your direct team who you need to hear your vision, along with a number of Directors and the CEO. Fall at this hurdle and be reminded forever!

So, I just needed that extra confidence boost. I call it my ‘Reach for the Stars’ moment as Ian stepped in, was there for me, sang a few bars under his breath and whispered a few special words of encouragement to me, but most of all he looked at me and told me I’d got this!

And guess what – I smashed it….one of my best ever presentations and all because this amazing chap gave me the confidence that I could do it…we all need that sometimes and I will never forget him doing that for me.

If you’d like your very own pep talk from Ian then dive into his fabulous book that will help you overcome your fears and anxieties about presenting.

Ian has kindly offered Paje a special 50% discount off the book price and you can purchase that at using the code PAJE50

Mandy Jennings